Half Time Feel

Using Basic Rock Beats

At some time or other, every drummer will be required to play a "Half Time
Feel" in a certain part of a song, or maybe even for the whole song.
A HALF TIME FEEL is accomplished by placing the SNARE DRUM on the
THIRD beat of the bar (in 4/4 time), (instead of on the TWO and FOUR).
I have put together a number of examples for my students to practice so they can
become familiar with how this is accomplished and how it feels.
In these first examples, I have used a "Quarter Note Ride" on the closed hi-hat
with the Right Hand. These beats can also be played with the right hand on the
ride cymbal. (They can also be played with an "Eighth Note Ride" on either the
Ride Cymbal or the closed Hi-hat).

I have omitted all of the rests to avoid cluttering and thus allow for easier reading.

Although I've tried to give as many examples as I can, I'm
sure there are some that I have missed. These are the most
obvious though, and therefore, the most commonly used.


HALF TIME FEEL.....Primary Patterns derived from the Basic Rock Beat Patterns.

These are "combinations" of the primary patterns.


More "combinations" of the primary patterns.

The sound samples on these pages will play FOUR repetitions of EACH BAR.

After having worked on the half time feels with a quarter
note ride, the next logical step is to play SIXTEENTH
The following pages show examples of this..............

Sixteenth Note Bass Drum Patterns

NOTE !!! Don't be fooled by the simplicity of the BASIC TEN, as the
first six examples will be COMBINED with the last four examples to
create more complicated and more difficult patterns.

The examples (on all three pages here) are TWO BEATS to the BAR. This only gives you a half bar example. In order to create a bar of 4/4
time, you must COMBINE any two of these examples. They are made
up of exactly the same patterns as the half-time examples except
that the right hand ride is in eighth notes and the bass drum plays
You must try ALL of the combinations if you want to discover all the
possibilities that exist.
The sound samples on these pages will play FOUR repetitions of EACH BAR.

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submitted by Gail H Runge
Last updated Jan 30, 1999