Drumming is based on rhythm, and rhythm is based on patterns,so the first thing
you need to know would be some simple PATTERNS.
I have put together eight basic patterns built around four notes. If you learn these
first, you can then go on to combine them in BEATS. Once you learn the beats,
you can then go on to putting them into songs.
Each pattern is based on four notes played by the Right Hand on a closed hi-hat
or on a cymbal. These notes are indicated by the four X's at the top of the pattern.
(If you do not have a set of drums to play on, you can still learn these patterns.
All you need is a pair of drumsticks and a pillow to hit).
The note in the middle of the pattern is to be played by the left hand on the Snare
Drum. In these patterns, this note will always be on the third note of the pattern
and should be struck at exactly the same time as the third right hand strikes. (If you do not have a set of drums, the left hand can also play on the pillow).
The Bass Drum is played by the right foot and is indicated by the Bottom note in
the pattern. These notes should be played at the Same Time as the note struck by
the right hand. (If you do not have a set of drums, you can tap your foot on the
floor whenever it is required to play).
Once you figure out the pattern, you should repeat it over and over without
stopping, while keeping the right hand playing Steady, evenly timed, notes.
After these PATTERNS are mastered, you move on to combining them into
continuous BEATS. Each beat is made up of Two patterns put together. (These
can be the same pattern twice, or two different patterns).
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