Basic Jazz Fill # 1

This is a simple fill which can be used in so many different ways.
It can be used in Country, Rock, or Blues, as well as in Jazz.
We begin with the basic swing pattern with the Right Hand on the ride cymbal
NOTE!!!!.....The WHOLE IDEA here is to maintain the swing on the right hand. Left hand plays the snare on "two" and "four", while the Bass Drum plays on "one" and "three". (example # 1). The fill itself, (example # 2), is played on the snare drum.

1..... .....2.....

Note the extra optional left hand on beat four. (example # 3)
As represented below, (example # 4), the fill can also be played on the "third" and "fourth" beats of the bar. Right Hand STILL plays the Swing Ride. (follow the "sticking pattern" shown).
3..... .....4.....

The next example shows the lick being used twice in the same bar.
This can actually be used as a steady beat which will sound like a shuffle and a swing combined. NOTE!! We NEVER LOSE the RIDE on the cymbal.

Variations on Basic Jazz Fill # 1

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submitted by Gail H Runge
Last updated Dec 07, 1998