Technique to be stressed with Combos ...and...Irishspecial:
  1. Keep fingers closed around sticks.
  2. Keep strokes HIGH - perfectly vertical when Tempo allows.
  3. Extend hands beside the drum to allow proper rotation of Wrists.
  4. Tips of sticks should strike the center of the drum.(In an area the size of a LOONIE).
  5. Keep the VOLUME of each note steady and consistent with all other notes.
  6. Steady time is essential. Use a metronome and start at a very slow tempo until proper
    technique is established.............e.g. eighth note = 72
  7. Combos - Double strokes on all sixteenth note triplets.
  8. Combos - Try to relax on the triplets. (Most players tend to rush their triplets).
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Funky Butt
Thomas E. Davis Jupiter Community High School - 1992
Contributed by Thomas E. Davis.....

Proper execution:

  • Snares play the top stave.
  • Tenors play the middle stave.
  • Basses play the bottom stave.
  1. Play all four measures with the right hand.
  2. Repeat all four measures with the left hand.

Technique to be stressed with Funky Butt :

  • Individual Technique:
    • Play the accents high - perfectly vertical if tempo and technique allow.
    • Play the taps low - between one and three inches off the head.
  • Ensemble Technique:
    • Keep the taps clean.
    • Blend and balance.
  • Instructor's Notes:
    • An inexperienced line will almost always pay greater attention to playing the accents clean and ignore the intricacies of the taps (unaccented notes).
    • With younger lines, the left hand tends to be very weak. Pay attention to proper wrist rotation. Run the excercise as slowly as needed.
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