Bass Drum Co-ordination # 2

(Against Afro-Cuban Hand Patterns)

Our next goal with these exercises is to substitute the following Afro-Cuban hand pattern for the triplets we started with. First, practice the hand patterns while tapping quarter notes with both feet. It might be helpful to think of this hand pattern as a double paradiddle(with a flat flam on the last note). NOTE!! Right hand plays cow-bell or cymbal-bell

Afro-Cuban Hand Pattern # 1

Suggested application:

The ability to play open triplets or closed rolls against these foot patterns should add a useful dimension to your fills and solos. Playing the Afro-Cuban hand patterns against the foot patterns will produce some interesting polyrhythmic grooves.

Next, try Afro-Cuban Hand Pattern # 2.

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submitted by Gail H Runge
Last updated June 27, 1998